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Our Services

About Us

Infinitas International is an independent consultancy specialising in the field of global public health. Our work focuses on the interrelationships between people and their environment, the promotion of human health and well-being, and the fostering of healthy and safe communities. We work to advance policies, programmes and practice to reduce factors (chemical, physical, biological, social and psychological) to protect organisations, people and communities, create healthier, happier lives and more productive places to work.

Evidence-Based Public Health

We place importance on evidence based public health to help solve complex problems. This means that we take into account research evidence, evidence from policy (e.g. legislation, codes of practice, targets etc.), and practice (driven by politics, organisational culture/climate, communities of practice, professional judgement, sense making, preferences and emotions) at the macro, meso and micro levels. We are committed to using the science of evidence-based behaviour change to close policy-practice gaps.

What We Offer

Our services assist organisations to ensure legal compliance in the specialist area of public health. We provide workshops and other support services to assist with the design and planning of change projects. Our research and evaluation services provides insight, demonstrates a return on investment and generates learning. 

We offer services under three core pillars:

– Planning and Designing for Change

– Compliance Services

– Research and Evaluation

Our Services:  Planning and Designing for Change

Our Programme Design and Planning service provides support and expertise to ensure any intervention is designed and implemented to produce the expected outcomes and impact. Our team are experienced Public Health Specialists. We provide the technical advice and guidance you need to ensure your change programme is a success. This may be, for example, an intervention for a new service, a new way of working or the implementation of new technology. We make complex change simpler by breaking the phases into manageable steps. We guide your team through three main phases, as outlined below:

Inception Phase

During the inception phase we clarify your needs and develop a Project Plan. The plan will lay out the methodology. We help you decide on the questions to ask and support you to select the best data collection tools to answer those questions. We help you outline the timeline, deliverables, select the team, set a budget and develop a communication plan.

Our skilled facilitators can design and lead a workshop to help your team prepare a logical framework and/or Theory of Change for an intervention. We help you clarify the underlying assumptions to demonstrate how you think change will happen. We look at where you are now and where you want to be.  The process will clarify what outputs/outcomes will be expected as change takes place.

Communication is a cross-cutting factor that is required to ensure success.  We can help you communicate the Project Plan to your organisation, both electronically and face-to-face. The project strategy will affect everyone, so it’s vital that everyone understands the focus and direction of the work to be undertaken, and how it will affect their own work.

Data Collection and Analysis Phases

This is an adaptive phase where we support your team to move back and forth whilst analysing different sets of data to provide a broader picture. Different sets of data need to be checked against each other. We can train and coach your staff to collect and analyse data to capture what is going on. We support your staff to identify and overcome difficulties as they move through the data collection and analysis phases.

Reporting and Communication of the Findings

This is also an adaptive phase where findings are reported to different stakeholders. This allows us to check reactions to what has been found. We then adjust the findings based on those reactions. We can help you produce Final Reports that can be disseminated to different audiences.

Our Services: Compliance Solutions

We offer public and private businesses and community organisations a cost-effective, flexible range of solutions to manage compliance with legislation to improve health, safety and wellbeing outcomes. Our services are based on the most up-to-date evidence. We work with your team to identify risks inherent in your operations to ensure your organisation meets local, national and international laws and best practice guidance. We help your team continually learn and improve, providing you with peace of mind and save you time, hassle and money.

Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing

We offer the following services:

– Practical advice and guidance on workplace health, safety and wellbeing.

– Health, safety and wellbeing gap analysis.

– Policy and procedure writing.

– Health, safety and wellbeing risk assessments and method statements.

– Benchmarking of sites.

– Occupational health assessments (e.g. air and noise monitoring).

– Workplace Culture Assessments.

– Behaviour change interventions to close policy-practice gaps.

– Health, safety and wellbeing training and coaching.

– Advice Helpline.

 Food Hygiene and Safety

– Practical advice and guidance on the management of food safety risks.

– Coaching on how to set up and implement the Safer Food Better Business System (or similar).

– Audit of your existing HACCP Plan (known as a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

– Policy and procedure writing.

– Management of food safety complaints.

– Advice Helpline.

– Preparing staff for an enforcement inspection.

– Training for food handlers (Level 1 and Level 2 Foundation) (courses accredited by Highfield).

– Training for food supervisors and/or managers (Level 3 Intermediate) (accredited by Highfield).

– Behaviour change interventions to close policy-practice gaps.

– Benchmarking of sites.

– Microbiological sampling.

– Waste management and waste food audits.

– Food Safety Culture Assessments.

We strive to build long-term, professional relationships with our clients. All work is undertaken by qualified Environmental Health Practitioners who ensure that the service is delivered on time and to a high standard.

Our Services: Research and Evaluation

We provide research and evaluation services in the field of global public health.

Our Research Services


Public health research can provide the evidence we need to better understanding some of the greatest and most persistent challenges faced by societies today.  We offer:

– Desktop reviews of the literature (which can feed into a ‘Needs Analysis’ to help you define a problem and potential cost effective solutions, based on the most up to date evidence).

– Focus groups, interviews and surveys.

– Scoping Reviews.

– Feasibility Studies.

– Baseline and Endline Surveys.

Our research services can be used to identify new trends and provide evidence of new and effective ways of working to give your organisation a competitive edge.


Our Evaluation Services


Our evaluation services can be used to provide your organisation with insight on the return on investment relating to any new programme or training that you implement. We identify the strengths, weaknesses and unintended consequences of any intervention so that future programmes can be improved. The insight from our research and evaluation services will help your organisation to continually learn, improve and grow.

Evaluation helps us to provide the evidence we need to determine ‘what works, for whom, and under what circumstances’. It can be applied to help us understand and provide solutions to poverty (including food poverty), inequality, inclusion, climate change, emergency response, urbanisation and the need for more sustainable economies.

We offer a wide range of different types of evaluations depending on the purpose of what you are aiming to achieve.

New Resources 

We are in the process of developing a range of new resources.  This includes briefing notes, case studies, interviews, podcasts and virtual surgeries. Sessions will shine a light on new and challenging topics.

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