Our Services

Our Services

Infinitas is a network of global change and development experts, committed to improving the impact of change programmes. We work with individuals, businesses, the not-for profit sector and universities to generate better results that are sustainable in the long-term.

According to Kotter (1), only 30% of change programs succeed, with more than 70% failing. Why do so many programmes fail? Evidence suggests that the main reasons are to do with behaviour: resistance of the workforce and management behaviours that do not support the intended changes (2), because of poor planning, having inadequate project management skills and the inadequate mindset of leaders (4). Any change can take time because it requires a fundamental shift in mindsets, behaviour and culture as well as changes in processes and structures. Habits are hard to change.


Our Vision

To empower people and organisations globally to improve the impact of their change programmes.


To provide a wide range of services to design, implement and adapt change initiatives that improve performance by:-

Working collaboratively to build the capacity of people and teams to achieve transformational change that has long lasting effects.

Providing high quality independent evaluations to evidence the outcomes, the return on investment and lessons learned, so that future programmes can be continuously improved.

Sharing and disseminating awareness of how to design/implement for change, including evidence of what works /lessons learned so that programmes can deliver better results. We do this by collaborating with others to exchange knowledge and cross pollinate ideas across boundaries.


Our values and our promise to you:

Providing Value - Delighting clients

Helping our clients is a priority to us. We listen to your needs and aim to delight you with our services. We continually assess ourselves to add value to what we offer.

Caring - We put clients first

You won’t find any half-hearted attempts or mediocrity with our performance. Being average is not part of who we are. We put our clients at the centre.

Transformational - We believe what we do matters

We are passionate about making a difference and collaborate to design, implement and demonstrate transformational change.

Empowering - We facilitate improvement  

We aim high and are always pushing to learn more, do better and create improved results. We do this by helping shift mindsets, by building confidence and competence to think and work in different ways.

Adaptive Learning - We learn, reflect and adapt in order to grow

We’re curious and open minded. We look for ways of learning across boundaries and contexts, bringing insight and new ways of seeing to others.

New Resources 

We are in the process of developing a range of new resources – briefing notes, case studies, interviews, podcasts and virtual surgeries to shine a light on what works with transformational change initiatives.

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Get In Touch

For further information or to discuss how we can add value to your change programme, contact our friendly team:

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1 John Kotter ”Leading Change: Why transformation efforts fail”Harvard Business Review, March–April 1995.