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Infinitas International is a UK based consultancy working locally and across Africa and the Mena Region. Our teams collaborate with organisations to find new ways to solve challenging problems. We improve process performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, and demonstrate the longer-term impact of desired behavioural change. We focus on supporting the growth of 'learning organisations' which are crucial to survive and gain a competitive edge.

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Measuring Impact

Impact Evaluation – Does It Matter To You?

Impact Evaluation – Does it matter to you? Charities and social enterprises make a valuable contribution to society. They exist to improve people’s lives by implementing solutions to problems within communities and/or society as a whole. They aim to ‘make a difference’ via the implementation of work within their programs and/or projects.  By program we mean a series of inter-related projects to meet a strategic goal. Projects are more discrete, often designed to meet a


Rethinking the role of Corporate Social Responsibility

Rethinking the role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Poverty Reduction Corporate social responsibility (known as CSR) has been used for many years in international development as a poverty reduction strategy. It may be used either in the form of direct funding to non-profits, community service organisations, even employee community projects, and by providing in-kind donations of products and services to non-profits and underserved populations. Is corporate social responsibility (CSR) the best strategy to use to

Theory of Change

What’s wrong with the Theory of Change?

Image Credit: Sidney Harris What’s wrong with the Theory of Change? Geoff Mulgan (CEO of Nesta) recently wrote an interesting blog in which he examines the concept known as the Theory of Change (or Theories of Change). The full article can be found here. Although the article highlights some positive support towards the concept, in terms of what it means and how it is used, several contentious issues were raised. Below Julie Rasmussen from the


Organisational Learning – What Does It Mean?

Organisational Learning – what does it mean? In my last blog post, I talked about how a culture of silence can negatively influence organisational learning and how this can have a negative effect on the impact (or long term goal) of an intervention.  In the current blog, I’m going to look at what organisational learning means. Why is organisational learning important? Within an organisation, either a for-profit or a not-for profit, learning is often thought of as a


Failing Forward and A Culture of Silence

Is it possible for an organisation to fail forward within a culture of silence? Impact reporting has become more common over the past few years. This is partly due to increased pressure for transparency, accountability and donor requirements to prove a return on investment. One important benefit of measuring impact is that lessons learned can be used to generate improvement. However if organisations are to learn from failure (sometimes referred to as failing forward), the culture must support

Meet Our Team

Dr Julie Rasmussen - Director. Regional Lead for the UK
Dr Julie Rasmussen - Director. Regional Lead for the UK
Jade Davies - Quality Assurance Manager
Jade Davies - Quality Assurance Manager
Dr Jeff Sheldon - Regional Lead for Southern Africa
Dr Jeff Sheldon - Regional Lead for Southern Africa
Dr Linda Oucho - Regional Lead for East Africa
Dr Linda Oucho - Regional Lead for East Africa
Dr Mustafa Megrahi - Regional Lead for the Middle East
Dr Mustafa Megrahi - Regional Lead for the Middle East

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