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Strategic Planning and Programme Design

We plan and design programmes using logic models and Theories of Change. Effective programme design is essential if a team is to communicate well, reflect, learn and be accountable. Well designed programmes ensures better impact.

Implementation and Capacity Building

We strengthen the capacity and confidence of teams to collect, measure and analyse the right data. We work in collaboration to ensure an intervention is implemented to meet the desired goals, whilst ensuring its long-term sustainability.

Research and Evaluation

We identify evidence of what works, so that any programme can make the biggest impact. We evaluate the performance of a programme and demonstrate to team members, beneficiaries, funders, commissioners, policy makers and the public the difference a programme has made.

We work with public, private and civil society organisations, helping them reach their potential by maximising the impact of their social interventions and/or behavioural change programmes.

We make visible the return on investment and support organisations to develop a culture of learning and continual improvement. We take chaos and uncertainty out of demonstrating the difference a programme has made.

Infinitas International is an independent research and evaluation company. We are committed to providing high quality evidence using qualitative and quantitative methodologies to solve complex health, social and organisational problems globally. We support organisations to design programmes using logical frameworks and theories of change. We help make visible and test the implied assumptions on which a programme has been designed, clearly demonstrating to others how an intervention intends to achieve its outcomes and longer-term impact/sustainability. We have the expertise to explore complexity using a 'systems approach'. Our team of professionals has a breadth and depth of knowledge and skills gained through many years as practicing consultants in their chosen field of expertise. We focus on interventions aimed at improving public health and wellbeing, behavioural change, organisational governance, gender issues, forced migration and sustainable human development. Our work will ensure 1) data-driven decisions can be made 2) policy is guided by evidence 3) the pathway of how programme goals will be met is clearly visible 4) continual learning and improvement becomes embedded. We bridge the gap between the third sector, industry and academic institutions, acting as a catalyst for change. We have a strong track record of delivering high quality services in relation to Programme Planning and Design, Implementation and Capacity Building, Research and Evaluation.

Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly. Richard Bach.

Our Blog

Measuring Impact
30th November 2015

Impact Evaluation – Does It Matter To You?

Impact Evaluation – Does it matter to you? Charities and social enterprises make a valuable contribution to society. They exist to improve people’s lives by implementing solutions to problems within communities and/or society as a whole. They aim to ‘make a difference’ via the implementation of work within their programs and/or projects.  By program we mean a series of inter-related projects to meet a strategic goal. Projects are more discrete, often designed to meet a

What's wrong with the Theory of Change?
27th September 2016

What’s wrong with the Theory of Change?

What’s wrong with the Theory of Change? Geoff Mulgan (CEO of Nesta) recently wrote an interesting blog in which he examines the concept known as the ‘theory of change’. The full article can be found here. Although the article highlights some positive support towards the concept, in terms of what it means and how it is used, several contentious issues were raised. Below Julie Rasmussen from the Infinitas team provides her response to each of

Single Loop & Double-Loop Learning
30th January 2016

Organisational Learning – What Does It Mean?

Organisational Learning – what does it mean? In my last blog post, I talked about how a culture of silence can negatively influence organisational learning and how this can have a negative effect on the impact (or long term goal) of an intervention.  In the current blog, I’m going to look at what organisational learning means. Organisational Learning Within an organisation, either a for-profit or a not-for profit, learning is often thought of as a process that

Learning to Fail Forward
30th December 2015

Fail Forward: Learning From Failure

Fail Forward: Is the third sector learning from failure? Impact reporting has become attractive over the past few years as pressure increases for transparency, accountability and proving a return on investment. One important benefit of measuring impact is that lessons learned can be used to generate further improvement. This is especially true if used with a theoretical framework (or theory of change) so that underlying assumptions are explicitly declared and tested at specific points.  However if organisations are

Meet Our Team

Dr Julie Rasmussen - Co-Founder/Director. Regional Lead for the UK
Dr Julie Rasmussen - Co-Founder/Director. Regional Lead for the UK
Dr Bola Ola - Regional Lead for West Africa
Dr Bola Ola - Regional Lead for West Africa
Masauso Chirwa - Regional Lead for Southern Africa
Masauso Chirwa - Regional Lead for Southern Africa
Dr Linda Oucho - Regional Lead for East Africa
Dr Linda Oucho - Regional Lead for East Africa
Dr Hana Asfour - Co-Founder. Regional Lead for Jordan & the Mena Region
Dr Hana Asfour - Co-Founder. Regional Lead for Jordan & the Mena Region

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